About Us

The main purpose of education isbe a means to empower children to acquire knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits for a full realization as possible of what it is to be a human being. Unfortunately, most schools in today’s competitive world have reduced education to a race. A race to raise children who graduate as toppers, get into A-list schools and join the hustle to earn 6-digit salaries. Period.

The Bharath Group, our parent company along with Early Learning Centre and Centre for Advanced Learning realized that there is more to education than rote learning, grades and competition which led to the founding of The Bharath Academy- A school for parents who want to raise successful, passionate and humble leaders; with skills that don’t just focus on academics, but on becoming life-long learners and for children who want to ask questions and challenge life every step of the way.

This is where we encourage questions, not grades; focus on life-long learning, not exams; and help your curious child develop the academic, social and cultural tools to continue learning when met with a challenge, not just in academics, but life. Through a well-rounded education, we help your child acquire creative and critical thinking, collaboration, communication, planning, and problem-solving skills to inspire a love for lifelong learning and to emerge as the leaders of tomorrow’s world.

Our Vision

A world where children will study for their minds over marks and choose to stand out instead of fitting in.

Our Mission

Satya (Truth), Dharma (Duty) and Nishtha (Devotion).

These principles ofB.ManjunathPai, the founder of Bharath Group continue to guide everything we do. The Bharath Academy (TBA) is our first foray in the field of education. This initiative is driven by a singular purpose – to empower each of our students to follow their dream.As parents and educators, we have a responsibility to prepare children for the challenges of life, so they may thrive in and beyond school. We play a central role in what our children end up believing about themselves. At The Bharath Academy, we provide the springboard for students to find their place in the world.

Led by a team of dedicated and highly skilled educators, everyone at The Bharath Academy is committed to creating a vibrant, stimulating and caring environment that celebrates the individual and creative spirit of our students.

Our Approach

While most schools are focused on grade-based outcomes and competitive teaching strategies, The Bharath Academy is focused on nurturing young minds and not training them. Our curriculum encourages them to experience and learn, not study and forget. We work towards building an education system which makes your child ready to face the world with the right tools in their mind.

We guide students to be life-long learning who don’t stop finding answers and solving problems once the last bell rings and real life.

We encourage questions, not grades; focus on life-long learning, not exams; and help your curious child throughout school life and beyond it.

We put your child at the center of their learning. We personalize your child's education and focus on real-world learning experience.

Our approach offers academic excellence, fosters courage, generosity, imagination and empowers your child to emerge as the leaders of tomorrow’s world.